You have booked your vacation and now want to make sure that you will not be left with high cancellation costs, e.g., when your child is ill? Then you are optimally secured with travel protection. With our renowned partner, HanseMerkur Reiseversicherung AG (No. 1 in the Stiftung Warentest Finanztest), you are guaranteed to receive outstanding services at exclusive preferential rates. With travel protection, your entire family is covered in the following areas:
  • Travel cancellation insurance: Meeting the costs resulting from not being able to start your journey due to an insured event. 1
  • Holiday guarantee: Insurance cover in the event that you have to cancel, interrupt or extend your journey due to an insured event. 1
  • Emergency insurance: In case of need, you will receive miscellaneous assistance services, e.g., search and rescue costs.
  • Luggage insurance: Insurance of your luggage against loss, destruction and damage.
  • Travelers' accident insurance: This insurance protects you from the financial consequences of an accident!
Your advantages:
  • increased reimbursement
  • outstanding services
  • reliable risk provisioning
  • comprehensive health protection
  • protection of the entire family
You can query and book the amount of the bonus for your individual insurance protection package directly online: Just enter your personal travel data and check our fair non-binding offer! 2

Enjoy your vacation carefree - with all the security in your luggage!

1 No retention for all insured events with the exception of outpatient-treated diseases. In this case, the retention amounts to 20 % of the recoverable damage, but at least 25.00 € per insured person.
2 Please note that the total travel price must be entered, i.e., the price of all services booked and invoiced in advance, e.g., accommodation, meals and / or additional services such as wellness treatments for the entire family.

Get your non-binding offer here or book your travel insurance directly online.